A team with a common vision


Friends for Dinner is an initiative taken by local churches and Christians ministries. The goal is to connect local families with international students in order to show them Canadian hospitality and build friendships.

We understand that international students experience excitement, change and great learning while studying abroad. But leaving home to live in a foreign country can also bring disorientation and even culture shock. That’s why a group of volunteers from local churches and Christian ministries have joined together to launch Friends for Dinner, a friendship and hospitality program.

Friends for Dinner is now running is seven cities across Canada

The first campaign of Friends for Dinner was started in Ottawa during the Christmas season of 2012. It soon expanded to Montreal, then, to Sherbrooke and now it is also running in Saskatoon, Kamloops, Vancouver, Waterloo, Regina and London. Friends for Dinner is constantly working to partner with local churches and ministries in order to expand this friendship program to more places. Contact us if you would like to join our team and run Friends for Dinner in your city.

Our partners

love_ottawa_logoA network of churches and ministries that want to “neighbour” the city of Ottawa with the love of Christ.


ismc_logoA Christian charitable organization committed to empowering international students to impact the world through Jesus Christ.



power_to_change_logoA community of believers who, through serving the Church and others, mobilize people to live a life of bold and adventurous faith.



We all have the common vision of sharing love with international students!